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“When somebody offer you to feel the biggest adventure of your life, do not refuse.”

(A. Earhart)


plaukimas su kanojomis

Have you ever tried canoe camping? This is the best way to do it! It’s 3 days camping in Lithuania, in one of the most beautiful Aukstaitija National park. You will be able to relax and enjoy the time with your friends.  Canoe is one of the most comfortable way to travel and to sea the best places where people have never come. Canoe has 4 seats, so you, your friends or your family will feel very comfortable here.  The tour guide will take care of everything: bus from the city you stay, food and cooking in the nature, will build up the campsite where you sleep and will organize all activities during 3 days canoeing.

It does not matter what is the weather outside you have to try yourself! It’s unforgettable!

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isgyvenimas laukineje gamtoje

Have you ever tried to live in wild nature? Without phones, internet, electricity and many other things? Do you think it is easy? Try this attraction in lithuanian wild nature!  You will have to find food for you and your friends, you will learn how to make drinking water, how to build a campsite. You will try your strength at the day time and night time hikes, you will learn how to read a map and how to use compass in the forest. Food on the fire, the most beautiful views in Lithuania and it is just a small part of attractions and activities what you will learn about hiking, life in wild nature and your opportunities to survive!

Do you think you can survive?

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sovietinis bunkeris

5 meters below the ground, and you find yourself in the USSR. Here you can visit  the first in the world Underground Museum of Socialism or to join “1984.Survival Drama” and become a citizen of a totalitarian state. During the Survival drama you will be met by guards with dogs. Having waved goodbye to your belongings, currency, cameras and mobile phones, you will put on a Soviet threadbare coat and dive into the life of a USSR citizen, full of tension and social peculiarities. You’ll be taken to the maze, watch TV shows and shops of 1984, be interrogated in a KGB office, learn the anthem of the USSR and get used to wearing a gas mask. You’ll dance to the music of those times and will eat a Soviet dinner yourself. Before leaving the bunker you will receive a special certificate and an authenthic present from the Soviet times.

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8Alaus kelio kelione

Do you know why citizens of Biržai are always so happy and cheerful? Probably because the mood-enhancing scents surround them. If you want to experience that by yourself, thus beer road is what you are looking for. Do you know what “rule of thumb” means for the beer? To whom we should be grateful for a romantic term “honeymoon” and where you can drink beer for free? Maybe you are dreaming about the rivers of beer and your won brewery at home? All questions will be answered on a beer road in Biržai! We will share those secrets of brewing and will show how home-made beer is produced. The companions will be songs about beer, smell of home-made bread and cheese. Biržai beer tasting will create wonderful mood and the road will be meandering and entertaining.

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memelio kelias

Would you like to know in which place Memelburg castle were built? And why Klaipėda city was called Memel for a long time? Or maybe you would like to hear the speech of Hitler and to see a place where it was said? By the way, have you ever heard about Black fortress in Lithuania?
In this day trip you will see Klaipėda Old town and will hear many mysterious legends about this city, about german architecture secrets and you will try your strength in the team activities in the “Memel Nord” fortifications. After these extreme activities you will participate in lithuanian beer tasting and will try many kinds of it.

Have a look at Klaipėda city through the Memel road…

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egzotiskasis vyno kelias

Do you think that lithuanians do not have their own home made wines? If you think that only italian or french wine is good and tasty – you are wrong. Can you imagine that wine can be made not only from grapes? Try this exotic lithuanian wine road and you will satisfy. You will be introduced by more than 25 kinds of lithuanian wines. And you will taste such an exotic wines like beetroots wines, parsnips wines, quinces wines, rhubarb wines and many other tasty kinds of wines. It is a time when you will be able to sit and relax in the middle of lithuanian vineyard with exotic lithuanian wines.

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lietuviskos pirties ypatumai

This is an exclusive lithuanian bathhouse features entertainment for your family and friends. The main aim is to show for everybody that lithuanian bathhouse has also very old traditions and history.
Bathhouse attendant will introduce you with lithuanian bathhouse traditions. You will participate in the first steam ritual, you will listen the flow of water, scrub your body, whale with flavorful bathbrooms and in the end of it you will be surprised!  There will be HOT for sure!

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mobilus alaus baras vilniuje

Gather the group of friends and introduce them with Lithuania through the beer road!

In Biržai there is a manor, which has a taste of antiquity. There all the secrets of golden beverage, brewery delicacies will be revealed for you. You will see how home-made beer is produced, and try out planty of different flavours by yourself. “Biržietiškos” songs about beer, narratives by beer expert Žaldokas will create the best mood for you. The odor of home-made bread and cheeses, Lithuanian culinary subtleties and “Biržai” beer tasting definitely fulfill your taste amplitude.

When you will return to Vilnius, be ready to continue your experience by untraditional excursion in the old town where beer road will continue. Although, if you are eager to experience the whole city, be ready to invoke the rest of your power and continue to step a mobile beer bar to other place. Together do not forget, that the nightlife of Vilnius will be waiting for you! Nightclubs, music, dancing and this is just a small part of what are waiting for you to be experienced in this embrace of entertainment.

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