Beer road in Biržai | Pramogų skonis

Beer road in Biržai

Do you know why citizens of Biržai are always so happy and cheerful? Probably because the mood-enhancing scents surround them. If you want to experience that by yourself, thus beer road is what you are looking for. Do you know what “rule of thumb” means for the beer? To whom we should be grateful for a romantic term “honeymoon” and where you can drink beer for free? Maybe you are dreaming about the rivers of beer and your won brewery at home? All questions will be answered on a beer road in Biržai! We will share those secrets of brewing and will show how home-made beer is produced. The companions will be songs about beer, smell of home-made bread and cheese. Biržai beer tasting will create wonderful mood and the road will be meandering and entertaining.

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