Honey extracting in Panemunė | Pramogų skonis

Honey extracting in Panemunė

Would you like to sweeten your heart for the rest of your life? We are inviting you for a promenade of honey path, to experience all subtleties which honey possesses. During the time spend in Panemunė, we will tell you how those little bees are making the honey and what are the best qualities of it for peoples` health. Maybe you already know how to recognize the difference between good and bad honey and where healthiest one could be found? Do you already know what is honey cream and “white clouds” in it? Here you will taste fresh honeycomb, bee bread and propolis. Later, maybe you will admire the idea to grow your own bees and produce honey at your home place? Just don`t forget to take good mood with yourself. Have you heard, bees have very good flair! In this promenade, unexperienced sensations are guaranteed.

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