Šakotis cooking subtleties in Aukštaitija | Pramogų skonis

Šakotis cooking subtleties in Aukštaitija

Have you ever experienced the smell of just baked Šakotis, enjoyed the taste of its warm and fever seen fresh twigs? Have you ever seen how complex the process of making it is? Have you ever tried your hand at Šakotis creation? This is a tremendous opportunity to get acquainted with the whole procedure of Šakotis making. You will learn how the monasteries contributed to the emergence of this wonderful work. Why it was named “baumkuchen” and what does that mean? You will know how many times the dough was poured in order to have many layers for this traditional sweet, and understand how special Lithuanian Šakotis is. Most important is that you will be the first ones who will be tasting its freshly baked twigs. The harmony of taste and impression!

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