Tastings | Pramogų skonis


“A new dish gives more happiness than the discovery of a new star.”

 (Authelme Brillant – Savarin)



  • NEW! Lithuanian wine tasting
  • NEW! Four beverages tasting: whiskey, cognac, rum, calvados
  • NEW! Thematic cocktails tasting
  • NEW! Non-alcoholic cocktails tasting
  • NEW! Tequila tasting
  • Wine tasting
  • Beer tasting
  • Calvados tasting
  • Brandy, whiskey, cognac tasting
  • NEW! Alcoholic coffee cocktails tasting
  • Champagne tasting
  • Mead tasting
  • Vodka tasting
  • Chinese Tea drinking ceremony
  • World Coffee tasting
  • Cocktails show with special effects


picu degustacija

  • NEW! Pizzas making show and tasting
  • NEW! Lithuanian Šakotis cooking show and tasting
  • NEW! Lithuanian culinary heritage tasting
  • NEW! Traditional German dishes tasting
  • NEW! Italian pasta making show and tasting
  • Traditional Italian dishes tasting
  • Desserts tasting
  • Tasting of cheese and wine coordination
  • Sushi making show
  • Vegetarian tasting
  • Seafood tasting
  • Venison tasting, and its cooking characteristics
  • National dishes tasting and traditions
  • Chocolate making show and tasting

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